Yak Vdoma

Supporting Ukrainian journalists in their efforts to provide independent and balanced coverage of the war

The Russian invasion of Ukraine came as a real shock to the world, not only to civil society but also to the media. In order to meet the need for reliable coverage of the war, the RFI Ukraine and Yak Vdoma project, set up jointly by France Médias Monde (FMM) and CFI, provides a home for journalists, giving them as much scope as possible to contribute to coverage of the conflict.


May 2022 - December 2024

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2.9 M€

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Material and human support

Throughout 2023, the project has focused on supporting and building the editorial and operational capacity of journalists. It offered residents material support (18 equipment grants were distributed), logistical support (by organising their departure from Ukraine and arrival in Bucharest), financial support (25 living allowances distributed monthly) and psychosocial support (four Ukrainian-speaking psychologists were identified to draw up a group or individual work programme, and four days of work on professional well-being were organised with the Romanian branch of Médecins du Monde).

The training programmes also focus on a holistic approach to security issues, combining physical, cyber and psychological security. Ten security training sessions were organised with the international organisation IREX, which specialises in education and development, and the non-governmental organisation Nothing2Hide, which specialises in digital security.

Valuing the heroic work of journalists

In 2023, the residence has taken on a strong regional dimension: a programme of meetings and exchanges has been drawn up, with priority given to Moldovan and Georgian partners. Fourteen Ukrainian journalists took part in a press trip to Chisinau (Moldova), which gave rise to numerous exchanges with Moldovan media and civil society organisations. CFI has organised a number of meetings and workshops and supported four conferences dedicated to journalists in exile, particularly refugee journalists in Europe. Lastly, nine production grants were awarded in 2023, with priority given to co-production projects involving journalists/media and researchers from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova. As Levgeniia Ovshynnikova, the first beneficiary of the Yak Vdoma project, points out, this strong commitment has produced tangible results:

“I am sincerely grateful for the support provided by the Yak Vdoma project, which has enabled me to work in a peaceful environment without any distractions such as sirens, explosions or power cuts. This inspired me to take up the “There is a healthy question” project for the ICTV channel, which focuses on mental and physical health” .
Levgeniia Ovshynnikova, first beneficiary of the Yak Vdoma project

Since the project was launched, a total of 25 journalists have been welcomed into the residence with the aim of guaranteeing freedom of information. This project has received the support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, as highlighted by Minister Catherine Colonna’s visit to the residence in January 2023.

In 2024, the Yak Vdoma residence will continue to highlight the heroic work of journalists who, in a battered country and under constant fire from the Russian army, continue to do their job to inform and make the voices of the victims of the conflict heard.

“How can we talk about the conflict in Ukraine without contributing to the spread of disinformation?” – Interview with Kristina Zelenyuk at the Media and Development Forum in Paris – July 2023

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