2021 Preview

Major projects for 2021.


Enriching news on sustainable development in the Sahel region.

Desinfox Africa

Combating the spread of misleading information in Western and Central Africa.

Citizen Connections 2

Encouraging the emergence of digital citizen-action projects in French‑speaking Africa.

Media UP 2

Supporting the process of change and consolidation of Tunisian media.

Kalimat Sudania

Contributing to the Sudanese transition to democracy by bringing the media and public citizens closer together.


Consolidating media in Eastern Ukraine.

Dialogues on Migration

Contributing to non-stereotypical media coverage of migration in five African countries (Morocco, Mauritania, Niger, the Gambia, and Guinea).

Launching the “Journalist Tips” e-learning platform

A free educational resource devised by CFI in partnership with RFI, France 24 and Monte Carlo Doualiya, via which seasoned international journalists can share their expertise on how to handle information about particular topics.

Broadcasting of “Correspondances”, podcast of the newsmakers

Podcast looking at 10 people who have benefited from CFI projects.