2023 Preview

Major projects for 2023

Media and Development Forum

300 media players from 40 countries to meet in Paris on 11, 12 and 13 July 2023

Media for One Health

Journalism serving healthcare in south-east Asia

Balkan Voices 2 and CDWB (Countering Disinformation in Western Balkans) 

Two projects to push back on misinformation in the Balkans

JTI Med 

Deploying the JTI (Journalism Trust Initiative) standard on the Mediterranean rim and measuring the impact on media outlets when adopting the standard and obtaining certification

Yemen – stabilisation and peace

Support for independent, non-partisan media outlets in Yemen, with emphasis on media outlets that are sensitive to gender equality, catering to women and young people

Equal Voices 

Promoting gender equality in media outlets in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana


Part 2 of the project to promote open government in the French-speaking world


Improving media coverage of migration by fostering collaboration between media outlets, civil society and academia

Desinfox Niger 

Pushing back on the spreading of fake news in Niger

Project in Comoros 

Strengthening editorial capacity at the Comorian state broadcasting group.


CFI, an operator of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs


CFI, a part of France Médias Monde