Dialogues on migrations

Changing perceptions of migration

All too often, public debate on migration conveys stereotypical and degrading images of migrant populations. Therefore, the media have an important role to play in disseminating information about migration that respects truth and human dignity. The Dialogues on migration project was designed with this objective in mind.


April 2021 - November 2023

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The Dialogues on Migration project can be satisfied with its results. A participatory study covering 16 countries, 80 journalists trained, 40 media outlets participating, an African platform for distributing content on migration created… The figures are significant, as was CFI’s intention when the project was set up, which was to develop an inclusive civic debate to change public perceptions of migration.

Launched in 2021, the project had two components. Firstly, a participatory study carried out in 16 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America to analyse the representations of migration conveyed in the media and on social media. The results of this study were presented in February 2023 in Paris, at a forum attended by around a hundred journalists and institutional and civil society players (teaching staff, associations, NGOs) from some thirty countries.

In a second phase pilot actions were implemented in four countries with fragile ecosystems (Niger, Guinea, Mauritania, Gambia). They began in 2022 and continued in 2023 to train a total of 80 journalists from 40 media outlets in the ethical handling of migration issues and in fact-checking. At the end of the training, 29 print, online and audiovisual surveys were produced in English, French and African languages, 17 of which focused on ethical handling and 12 on deconstructing false information about migrants. Technical and financial support was also provided for micro-projects carried out by students at four journalism schools: the Higher Institute of Information and Communication (ISIC-Kountia) in Guinea, the Higher School of Communication and Media Sciences (ESSCOM) in Niger, the National School of Administration, Journalism and Magistracy (ENJAM) in Mauritania, and the Media Academy for Journalism and Communication (MAJaC) in the Gambia.

A platform for disseminating verified and contextualised information on migration

Finally, Dialogues on migration has entrusted The African League of Cyber-Activists and Bloggers for Democracy, commonly known as AfricTivistes, with the responsibility of creating and managing an information platform ( to co-produce and disseminate verified, contextualised and detailed information on migration.

This platform is a success for information on migration, far removed from political divisions and sensationalism. It would not have been possible to combat the circulation of stereotypical views on migration without the determination of all stakeholders.

“It is essential to involve all stakeholders in the dialogue on migration – citizens, migrants and the media – and to create spaces for everyone to contribute their experiences, always in the interests of respectful information on migration”.
Danila Chiaro, ICMPD – Project Euromed Migration

“How can we encourage dialogue on migration?” – Interviews at the Dialogue on migration forum in Paris – March 2023

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