Using media to contribute to social cohesion in Northern Iraq

In the Nineveh Governorate, the occupation by Islamic State forces and the battles that defined it had a dramatic impact on the social fabric. The Tafael project is raising awareness of social cohesion-related concerns among young Iraqi journalists in this region and is helping them to present this subject in a positive light so that people have access to information that is in line with their expectations and forms connections.


July 2019 – March 2021

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Since 2019, the Tafael project – “Tafael” being an Arabic expression meaning “to go forwards with optimism” – has been harnessing the power of the media in Northern Iraq to help stabilise the region in the aftermath of the crisis. In 2020, 45 people either from the Nineveh Governorate or living there who had received initial training on journalism practices took part in a session on social cohesion issues as well as a workshop dedicated to a specialism (radio, written or video journalism) with formats specially designed to be published online and on social media. 


After a period of several months during which this group received production support, a panel composed of several journalists, experts and members of civil society, including Saad Mabrouk and Alia Kdeih from Monte Carlo Doualiya, selected ten stories to be published in local media during 2021. This project’s beneficiaries are now capable of producing positive content concerning peace-building in the region.

Exchanges with the University of Mosul

15 young people from the University of Mosul’s media department took part in workshops that covered the basics of journalism, website management, and how to report on social cohesion and peace-building in Iraq. A website created especially for the media department’s students and teaching staff will enable this group of young people to publish articles and videos produced during their courses.

During the website management training, we co-drafted an editorial charter to be followed by those contributing to the site. This charter will help them get accustomed with this central tenet of journalism. » Saman Noah, trainer

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