Sudanese media outlets striving for a democratic transition

Sada (“echoes” in Arabic) continues on from two other projects already conducted in Sudan, against a backdrop of political instability and inter-community tension, namely Aswatna, which helped to modernise a training centre and raise professional standards among radio journalists, and Kalimat Sudania, which focussed on local journalism and collaboration among media outlets and civilians.


January 2022 - December 2022

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Launched in early 2022, Sada continued to reinforce the role of Sudanese media outlets in national reconciliation, offering support to produce content on this theme and technical support. 20 technicians, mostly from local public radio stations in the Sudanese states (outside Khartoum), worked on hands-on exercises in the studio, within the Sudan Academy For Communication Sciences. Workshops were also organised for 20 chief editors from radio stations, focussing on editorials and the sharing of content among stations. Lastly, 12 journalists and eight chief editors (50% of whom were women) followed training courses to improve their knowledge and technical skills.

Producing subjects on social cohesion and including young people and women

Supervised by three trainers, the journalist beneficiaries of the Sada programme produced 12 reports on the themes of social cohesion, diversity, participation of women and young people, and the transition to democracy. A CFI-MCD award was bestowed on the best two subjects.

Lastly, 20 journalists, ten of whom were women, were trained to produce cultural content and supported in the production of articles, radio and video reports on the same themes. 11 subjects were produced, with awards bestowed on the best radio report and the best video.

« Training on the production of cultural content helped me develop my knowledge of culture and its influence, and to learn to cover cultural issues in the media. I also liked the fact that this training focussed on covering the transition to democracy in Sudan, because it’s really important. » 
Mostafa Abdelgadir, Sudanese journalist

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