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Collecting, analysing and publishing gender-related data

In French-speaking Africa, open data is an important source for journalists wishing to cover gender issues. And when data journalism is harnessed to fight gender inequality, it can lead to exciting investigations that shake up received opinion.



April 2020 - April 2022

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Since 2020, MediaLab For Women has been training journalists to process gender-related open data. In 2021, 24 journalists (including 13 women) working for 20 media outlets conducted eight collective surveys on gender inequality.

After a 3-week introduction to data-driven journalism and coverage of gender as a theme, these journalists received technical and educational support from a team of 11 trainers. Their research involved gathering both data and first-hand accounts, and led to a dozen exciting publications in partner media in December 2021.

“A ground-breaking adventure in both human and professional terms”

The article on Valifofo, the forced marriage of children rekindled the debate on this practice which is still rife in the south of Madagascar. The one on the impact of priority education zones on schoolgirl attendance in Cameroon emphasised positive, ongoing changes and the need to persevere. An in-depth survey of gender parity in politics was published in the Express de Madagascar. Another, which pointed out the need to take women into account when implementing agricultural policy in Cameroon reiterated the difficulties encountered when endeavouring to include women in agricultural support programmes.

“This experience absolutely should be repeated. It was a ground-breaking adventure in both human and professional terms, an opportunity for journalists with diametrically opposed editorial lines to discuss general-interest subjects. MediaLab For Women showed me that we have barely started.”
Alexandra Tchuileu Ngangom, journalist for Cameroon Tribune

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