Women and media in conflict zones

The plight of women has become a major concern in Yemen and Iraq, two countries characterised by a highly patriarchal culture and severe insecurity. Makanati which means “my place” in Arabic is promoting greater participation of women in Iraqi and Yemeni society and greater public understanding of their concerns.


February 2020 to February 2022

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Gender equality Social cohesion

Since April 2020, and with the assistance of local partners, CFI has been running sessions to raise awareness of gender equality among journalists and students, of leadership for media professionals, and of podcast production. In total, more than 150 individuals have attended these sessions in Yemen and Iraq. Most sessions combined face-to-face workshops and remote learning. This brand-new concept has worked outstandingly well and has ensured that the training provided remains at a high level despite the restrictions resulting from COVID-19.

This training complements my university studies. The techniques I have learned will help me to build a solid foundation for my future as a journalist. »
Mariam Al Shareefi, a student at Al-Farahidi University, Baghdad

New content dedicated to women in the media 

The editorial offices at two radio stations – Yemen Times (in Sana’a) and Radio Lana (in Aden) – also received training on concepts connected to gender equality and on production techniques. Both stations then went on to launch programmes designed to raise awareness of women’s rights. Since October, Yemen Times has been airing “A’ashanik” (“for you” in Arabic), a programme that encourages greater inclusion of women and helps improve Yemeni society’s understanding of women’s concerns. Radio Lana followed suit in November, launching “Saniaat Assalam” (“women building peace” in Arabic) to raise public awareness of women’s rights and to encourage a new attitude towards them. Lastly, more than 50 female journalists and university media students received support to produce reports and content about women in Yemen and Iraq.

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