Intajat Jadida

Supporting innovative TV and radio output in North Africa

While internet and social media use is growing steadily across North Africa, TV channels and radio stations have watched their business models crumble. A recent offer is however emerging, thanks to content creators and independent online media outlets who are helping to boost this market.


June 2022 – May 2024

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Launched in June 2022, Intajat Jadida encourages the emergence of new talents and the bolstering of an innovative editorial offer, closely attuned to the expectations of young people. This project supports the development of creative, cultural and educational content for TV and radio, with an entertainment dimension, catering to under-35s.

A call for candidates garnered an initial 11 journalists — five from Tunisia, four from Morocco, one from Algeria and one from Libya ­— to participate in the programme. Their projects focussed on cooking, heritage, music, the environment and female empowerment. From October to December 2022, they took part in an incubation programme to gain a better grasp of the various stages of editorial development, from identifying a business model to producing their pilot to a professional standard. During two stints in Tunis, they were encouraged to share their expertise and skills. This “incubation” will be rounded off with a mentoring scheme in 2023, leading to the production of the first pilot programmes.

« This support programme gave us extra skills and a necessary dose of confidence to successfully lead a production project that reflects our ideas and vision. »
Mohamed Bachaoui, Moroccan freelancer

Foster the emergence of a new generation of producers

To lead this project, CFI formed a team with staff from Al Khatt, Fablab Channel and Samsa, with shared values and extensive, all-round media expertise (from editorial support through to production) to encourage the emergence of new editorial offers in North Africa.

With its 7-month support programme for each set of journalists, Intajat Jadida symbolises the agency’s commitment to helping a new generation of TV and radio content producers in the region develop their entrepreneurial skills.

« Participating in Intajat Jadida was a turning-point in my life, in both professional and personal terms. I set up my own business right from the start, to be able to produce content I believe in. »
Jezia Nouma, Tunisian freelancer

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