Innovating and creating digital content for young people

The actions undertaken via the D-Jil project since 2018 have been to improve the provision of information to young citizens in the Arab world (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan) to make these citizens more media literate and to get them more involved in public discussions.


February 2018 – January 2022

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In 2020, support continued for 18 innovative projects for young people, which were selected after hackathons* in 2018 and 2019. The incubation session, which was initially scheduled to be held in Casablanca in March, was able to take place in December, albeit online, as health requirements meant that it could not be held in person. “Given our current situation, it proved to be a very convenient time to incubate digital marketing strategies and consider the site’s technical redesign”, says Kenza Sefrioui of the Open Chabab project (Morocco). D-Jil project leaders received general and personal training in IT and digital marketing over the course of three days. Several project leaders were taught how to plan a campaign to disseminate articles, while others managed to enhance their SEO strategy in order to boost the visibility of publications on search engines. Lastly, they received advice on how to gain more readers and they worked on enhancing their visual identity.

A project development grant

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic led to a temporary halt to the activities for some of the 18 projects, they all continued to develop in the meantime thanks to a grant that was awarded to them. So, while Mégaphone (Lebanon) published a video that explained the workings of the Lebanese economy, Men Lewwel (Morocco) broadcast science videos for young people that were designed to be easy to understand. The most recent video looked at the water cycle and gained over 5,700 reactions on Facebook. Al-Hudood (Jordan) continued to train young people on how to produce satirical content and Echoes (Algeria) resumed its podcast, community management and content creation training sessions aimed at students from Oran. All of these productions will also be of use during media literacy workshops organised in various countries by ERIM (formerly known as IREX Europe), the most recent of which was held in Algeria in early 2020. Since then, COVID-19 has forced content to be adapted for online publication and upcoming workshops will be held remotely.

D-Jil is run by a consortium of partners composed of the following members: CFI, the Samir Kassir Foundation (Lebanon), IREX Europe (France), FMAS (Morocco) and Leaders of Tomorrow (Jordan). It is co-financed by the European Union.

* An event lasting several days during which experts get together to work on a collaborative computer programming or digital creation project.

More projects carried out in 2020