Citizen Connections 2

Fostering digital projects for citizen-led initiatives

Taking an increasingly active stance in favour of an effective, transparent public initiative, civil society in Africa needs sufficient knowledge and an ecosystem conducive to making their initiatives a lasting reality to be shared.



August 2019 - September 2022

Total budget

€3.25 million

Democratic governance Gender equality The French-speaking world Young people

Launched in 2020, thanks to funding from the French development agency (AFD), Citizen Connections 2 leverages Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to encourage young people’s participation in citizen-led initiatives, help citizens monitor public initiatives and bridge the gendered digital divide. This 3-year project caters to all French-speaking Africa, fostering communities that share citizen-centric, digital solutions across the continent.

Project activities continued in 2021 with the launch of a second MOOC* to promote civic tech potential and foster citizen-led initiatives in French-speaking Africa using digital technology. Enhanced with additional content and new speakers, this free, online course was launched in October, along with a massive communication campaign. The course raised awareness among over 5,300 people as to the issues and possibilities of citizen-led, digital innovation.

“My grateful thanks to the Citizen Connections 2 MOOC staff for this wonderful course providing in-depth knowledge on civic tech projects. A wealth of information that we will make full use of to set up innovative, viable projects with huge impact on our communities.”
Sembene25’’ on the MOOC forum

Editorial and technical support for citizen-led initiatives

Parallel to this, a first batch of 25 project owners received editorial and technical support to develop their initiatives over a 7-month period. In June, five simultaneous workshops were held in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), Bukavu (DRC), Antananarivo (Madagascar) and Tunis (Tunisia) to help the beneficiaries hone their projects and draw up action plans. In November, incubator internships followed by “collaborathons” were set up in Abidjan and Dakar (Senegal), which participants attended depending on their project themes. Individual support was also available via a mentoring scheme, as well as tailored support at incubators in the project bearers’ respective countries.

“Thanks to CFI’s support I have gained the expertise I need for my project to get off the ground. I’ve learned a lot and my project is now taking shape properly.”
Caroline Mveng, beneficiary of the incubator scheme

Lastly, in December, a digital communication campaign advertised a call for applicants, to select 25 more young people with innovative projects to take part in the second year of the incubator scheme.

*Massive Open Online Course

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