Sudanese radio stations striving to achieve democracy

Against a backdrop of political instability and intra-community tensions in Sudan, Aswatna (“Our Voices” in Arabic) relies on the radios to broadcast content on the theme of national reconciliation, thus helping to foster  conditions conducive to public debate ahead of the upcoming elections.



September 2020 – June 2022

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Democratic governance

Since 2020, Aswatna has provided the Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences and Media Training with support to train journalists and chief editors working for Sudanese radio stations and encourage the production of high-calibre content in Sudan.

After a needs survey, in collaboration with the radio station Monte Carlo Doualiya, CFI ordered and sent the audio and video equipment needed to renovate the studios in Khartoum in May 2021. An expert in the production and broadcasting of media content then went to the Sudanese capital in July to install these new facilities. The Academy now boasts a radio studio for recording and broadcasting, a studio for audio editing and another for video editing, in addition to the video production set they already had. These facilities are available to Sudanese journalists as well as training beneficiaries (public administrations, state media and some private media outlets). The Academy’s two technical operations managers have also been taught how to use the new equipment.

“The Academy now has studios fitted with excellent equipment, that we are very proud of. Furthermore, my colleague and I were provided with support to get to grips with these facilities. We are now in a position to pay it forward, training the staff in charge of technical operations in our studios, as well as those of state radio stations in the coming months.”
Weameldeen Abdelmageed, Joint Manager of Technical Operations at the Sudan Academy for Communication Sciences and Media Training studios

Training reporters to produce radio reports

Training courses for reporters and the chief editors of Sudanese radio stations will round off this scheme: 42 people from 15 different states in Sudan, including 22 women, were selected in October to attend two sessions on the production of radio reports on the subject of national reconciliation and the transition to democracy.

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