Online meetings and resources to adapt journalistic practices to the health crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures taken by governments have radically reshaped journalism during 2020. For three months, the Ama Baad project – “Ama Baad” being an Arabic expression meaning “and after”, or “then” – provided online resources and meetings to journalists from 12 Arab countries, to give them the key tools to adapt. 


June 2020 – August 2020

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Launched by CFI in partnership with a media outlet from the Levant, Daraj, and one from Northwest Africa, Barr Al Aman, Ama Baad provided Arabic-speaking journalists in the region with content production support, and also shared experiences and expert advice with these journalists to help them fully understand these complex subjects.

Ama Baad represents an opportunity and is a precious resource in the context of the crisis triggered by the pandemic. This project has encouraged people to meet and interact, overcoming the obstacles created by travel restrictions. »
Ahmad Sabaa Ellil, Egyptian journalist

A Facebook group has been created to encourage networking and to share relevant resources. This group had over 750 members at the end of 2020. Half of these were young people and women accounted for 45% of all members. This space has made it possible to share hundreds of resources as well as unpublished productions on sustainable development-related topics.

Online discussions to debate key issues

Sixteen online discussions were held over the course of three months, some with the involvement of the France 24 in Arabic and Monte Carlo Doualiya news teams. Around 20 journalists from the project’s 12 target countries took part in these weekly gatherings. Each video posted on the Facebook group has had about 100 views. 

Various topics linked to the pandemic were addressed, whether there was a direct or indirect link. These included health issues (emergence of viruses, mental health during lockdown, vaccination), misleading information and hate speech, environmental problems, inequality, and educational issues. These meetings also cast the spotlight on gender equality.

I found the Ama Baad discussions and the resources shared through the group to be very useful in terms of getting ideas for journalistic investigations and identifying reliable sources. »
Abdul Jalili Al Yusi, Yemeni journalist

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